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woodgroveacadmy's Journal

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WELCOME students! Either you arrived on time for your classes or your a few minutes (maybe an hour?) late. This is your school. This is WOODGROVE ACADEMY. It's a private school nestled into the rich area of Woodgrove, California. This is where the rich folks of the area send their children--and you'll even find some middle-income kids roaming about. But if you really can't afford to attend Woodgrove, but you want to be a part of it because this school just tickles your fancy? Apply for a scholarship. Woodgrove gives those out to students that they think deserve them. But just remember to keep your grades up or else you're out.

But everyone here is just kids (well, with teachers too) and a student can't always be expected to follow the rules. There will be ditch days, days off from class, staying home because you want to just play your games or you're feeling "ill". Hell, students will probably stay up late either playing some online game or scaveging the internet and their favorite websites.

And, yes, even the smart kids sometimes don't pay attention during their classes.
» This is an Alternate Universe roleplaying game that takes place in California. Your characters? Don't have their superpowers. They aren't what they were in their respective anime/game/novel/television show/movie. They're just a normal high school student either trying to talk daddy into buying them a new Porsche or sleeping during class to worry about saving the world.

» Yes. This is a private school which means not everybody is going to be accepted unless their parents are of the top elite, really rich, or the kid can somehow attain a scholarship for this place.

» There's a lot of stuff do to while you're living in California. Go down to the beach, hit a night club, get a tatto or a piercing. Eat out at your favorite restaurant! Just remember that you have a paper to turn in tomorrow that's worth half your grade.

» The school features a housing system for students. Now, not all students are going to take advantage of it, but most will because it makes getting to class far more easier and far more faster. Not to mention that Seniors can get a room all to themselves if they so desire. That and you get free internet and cable (and mommy and daddy aren't here to yell at you to turn your lights off after midnight!).

» At Woodgrove we use REAL PEOPLE to portray our characters physical features. That means you get to go image hunting for people~ But that also means there can be NO DOUBLE PBs.
» 1. Be sure to stay in character, okay? A little alteration a character is fine. But nothing drastic that'll make them seem like they aren't them.

» 2. Try to be active. There won't be any nagging, but there will be the occassional activity check~

» 3. Don't beat the poor Drama Llama.

» 4. No original characters. There are plenty of characters here for you to pick and play.

» 5. Character limit is ulimited per person (though don't take twenty if you know you can't handle the heat), and THREE per fandom.

» 6. What sound does a Chocobo make? KWEH!
» APPLICATION; Wanna play with us?
» RESERVATIONS; For those who need some time to get in an application
» TAKEN CHARACTERS; Check out who's already being played
» DROPPED CHARACTERS; Hey, this happens sometimes.
» NEW CHARACTERS; This is where you reply to when you get a new pup
» TAKEN PBs; Right here is the whole list of taken faces
» RESERVED PBs; The reserved faces

» EXTRA CURRICULAR; For your after school needs
» DRESS CODE; the protocol for the school uniform
» SCHOOL HOUSING; Taking advantage of the on-campus housing Woodgrove provides? Read this~
» SCHOOL EVENTS; Read this for school events, no-class days, and breaks.
» SCHEDULE; What classes are you taking?
» Q&A; Got questions? We have answers.
» CONTACT LIST; Everybody's contact info.
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