I'm actually looking forward to Halloween.

I picked up a nice outfit. Thinking of taking Kohaku out, but he's probably got something with his friends and wouldn't want his older sister hanging out.

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Still need another resource for this paper. Better head to the library.

Ashiya's been following me again. I know he has.
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Uh, hm. Let's see...

...I'm still not used to trying to find my way around this place. I think I got lost again...  It's easy to get lost. Yeah. I am lost. I think this is the Math-wing of the building. Ugh. Why does this place have to be so big?

[OOC: Both crossouts are not-readable. xD; Poor Cloudy. He got lost on his way to find the parking lot after the school day was over.]


Doing fine in school, as usual. It's to be expected~ However, I'll admit to feeling a bit... Well. :( Lonely. If anyone... Would like to come spend time with me, find it in their heart to take the company of this lowly pervert, I would be so appreciative~

The doctor's talking about surgery on my hand again. Damn.


I somehow forgot to do my English homework. I suppose it just slipped my mind…

I feel like my mind has been slipping up a lot lately, and it’s starting to annoy me. I just… need to focus more, on school and…

What's the point in writing in here? It hardly makes me feel any better.